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Help us Sponsor Orphaned Children in Africa

The Purpose of Helping Hands International is...

Irene Snell's vision is to see as many orphans coming to their full potential as possible. As the saying goes, 'The harvest is ripe and the labourers are few', which means that we just don't have enough Helping Hands to make an even bigger difference in the world where so many Orphaned children are struggling.

Irene has completed many missionary trips and worked hard to create life changing experiences for those suffering in regions such as Africa, Burma, Indonesia, etc.

Irene and her team of helping hands have identified a need for us to all step in and help break the cycle of poverty by educating the future leaders of tomorrow. Teaching them the gospel and equipping them with sustainable ideas like vegetable gardening makes the world of difference.

Irene recently stated: "I am trusting God to go to India, Fiji, Zimbabwe to start more programmes to help orphans". Without your help it becomes a very big task, but with your helping hand it becomes that much more manageable. Please come on board by donating to these little ones, your help is greatly appreciated by so many.

Donations can be made via the 'Sponsor Children', or 'Sponsor Schools & Orphanages' links on this website. Transparency is available for every donor and if you wish to see or know more, feel free to contact us through the 'Contact Us' page.

Thank you kindly for supporting Help Hands International to achieve our vision.

Joining hands to help disadvantaged and orphaned Children in Africa and the rest of the world. Our vision is to help one child at a time. We are a non denominational missionary group.


Joining Hands to help disadvantaged and Orphan Children in Africa and the rest of the world . Vision is to help one child at a time. Non denominational

Every Dollar Counts

Our vision is to change one child's life at a time, thank you for contributing towards our vision.

Let's Talk

Feel free to reach out to us, should you wish to not only donate but also make contact with the children through us.

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Many hands make light work and a helping hand is always appreciated.

Ampire Meria

March 20, 2016
Details: Child of one of our Pastors with both parents in family of 9 Ambitions: Desires to become a teacher

Atuhairwe Rosette

March 20, 2016
Details: An orphan with just a mother. They are 10 children in the home Ambitons: Desires to become a Nurse


March 20, 2016
Details:  Lost her mother to HIV AIDS, her father is equally sick. Starts with Grand Mother Ambition: Desires to become a successful…

David Segunja

March 20, 2016
Details: Orphan Father Died of HIV AIDS and mother is equally sick with 5 other Children

Sponsor School/Orphanages

Excel Infancy School

Name: Excel Infancy School
Details: School has 220 pupils. $40 covers a full term for each child and will also support a complete revamp and extension of the school.

Myanmar Orphanage

Early in this month of October, a group of 6 people from Living Faith Community Church, including myself, traveled on a mission trip to Yangon, Myanmar. We divided into a prayer team and a medical team.The objective was to provide basic medical care to children who live in orphanages and to provide prayer for those in need. We visited four orphanages and also treated people in the community. In total we assessed 90 children. Each child was a delight to see and touched our hearts in different ways. Sadly, a significant number of these children were malnourished; some to the degree where neurologically deficits were evident. This adventure opened our hearts and minds. It made us realize how much pleasure simple things can bring to those who have almost nothing, and how much we take for granted when we have so much.