Irene Snell owns and manages Helping Hands International. For her this websites sole purpose is to help support the children, schools and orphanages that she interacts with on her regular missionary visits to poverty stricken regions around the world.

Irene is a single mum of 3 teenagers. She was born in South Africa and migrated to Australia to help create a more stable and safer environment for her family. She is a registered nurse in aged care and is very active in women's ministry, children's ministry and praise and worship in church.

Irene had a vision a few years ago to start a charity for children and widows. It materialised when she went to Uganda on a missionary trip and saw the terrible conditions of the children who lived there.

Irene started a sponsorship programme for children to assist in their education and starting projects to help make them self sustaining. The long term project is to educate the children, so that they can educate their generation and their children's generation to help improve conditions through health education, combatting poverty and diseases.

The aim is to also be able to supply Malaria first aid kits, mosquito nets and waterproof shoes to as many children as possible. Poverty can only be combatted through education and understanding the poverty cycle. It is a job that needs all hands on deck, hence us reaching out to sponsors.....